Research Projects

Coming Soon!

2023-2025FFG SENSE. FFG approved the funding of the project, which will focus on hybrid-AI methods and tools for event explanation in Cyber-Physical Systems, such as SmartGrid and SmartBuilding. Role: Designated WP lead

Current Projects

2020-2024H2020 OntoTrans. EU H2020 project focused on supporting ontology-based data representation and exploration in the area of material sciences for engineering translators. Role: WP Lead
2022-2023Future Museum II. The project aims to help museums in applying cutting-edge know-how, including digitalisation in their strategic planning. WU focuses on the data integration aspect of this museum’s digitalisation. Role: Co-PI for WU Wien
2021-2023OeAD DT4TF. The OeAD-funded project facilitates research mobility between the University of Technology Malaka (UTeM) and TU Vienna on the topic of data management of digital twins. Role: Principal Investigator
2022Siemens ORE2.0. An Industrial project with Siemens CT Germany on using semantic technologies in tandem with OPC-UA industrial standards. Role: Co-PI for WU Wien

Past Projects

2020-2022FFG OBARIS. An FFG-funded project focusing on investigating the taxonomy of Hybrid-AI systems and their auditability aspects in the context of the environmental domain. Role: Principal Investigator
2019-2022FFG WellFort. An FFG project on the design of a trustworthy and auditable exchange platform for medical data. Role: Co-PI for TU Wien
2020-2021WAW VasQua. A project funded by the Vienna Business Agency on data integration, verification and quality improvement in the travel management sector. Role: Co-PI for TU Wien
2020-2021Siemens ExpCPS. This project aimed to design and implement a showcase on the use of semantic technologies for generating explanations of unusual events/anomalies in smart grids. Role: Technical Lead
2017-2020FFG CitySPIN. FFG funded project which aims to create a platform for cyber-physical social systems in order to facilitate innovative Smart City infrastructure services. Role: Tasks Lead
2018-2019FFG EXPEDiTE. This interdisciplinary research project aims to resolve key tensions between providing personalized services and the right to privacy by envisioning new human-centric personal data ecosystems (PDEs) in which personal data can only be collected and processed under the control of the data subject. Role: Tasks Lead
2018-2019FFG SEMCON. SEMCON (Semantic Containers for Data Mobility) enables Data Market Austria to provide streamlined data provisioning and processing mechanisms. Role: Tasks Lead
2015-2017Siemens STAR. An Industry funded project by Siemens AG aimed at investigating the use of Semantic Web technologies for the creation of semantic and exploratory search systems on company-specific document collections from selected domains. Role: Technical Lead