Invited Talk

  1. 2016.03.07 Introduction to Semantic Web. Scientific Workshop – Universitas  Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia. [Presentation]

Paper Talk

  1. [2016.09.13] Knowledge Change Management and Analysis during the Engineering of Cyber-Physical Production Systems: A Use Case of Hydro Power Plants. SEMANTiCS 2016. [Presentation]
  2. [2016.04.12] Supporting the Engineering of Cyber-Physical Production Systems with the AutomationML Analyzer. 1st CPPS Workshop. [Presentation]
  3. [2015.09.16] Knowledge Change Management and Analysis for Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Environments. SEMANTiCS 2015. [Presentation]
  4. [2015.06.01] Ontology Change in Ontology-Based Information Integration Systems. ESWC Doctoral Symposia 2015 [Presentation] [Poster]
  5. [2015.05.19] Collaborative Exchange of Systematic Literature Review Results: The Case of Empirical Software Engineering. SAVE-SD Workshop – WWW 2015.  [Poster]
  6. [2014.11.26] A Semantic Framework for Data Integration and Communication in Project Consortia. ICoDSE 2014.  [Presentation]
  7. [2014.09.16] Building an empirical software engineering research knowledge base from heterogeneous data sources. I-KNOW 2014.  [Presentation]
  8. [2014.09.16] Efficient data integration and communication issues in distributed engineering projects and project consortia. I-KNOW 2014.  [Poster]
  9. [2014.05.24] Supporting Information Sharing for Re-Use and Analysis of Scientific Research Publication Data. SePublica 2014.  [Presentation]
  10. [2013.09.04] An analysis framework for ontology querying tools. I-SEMANTICS 2013.  [Presentation]