Active Students

  • Laura Waltersdorfer, TU Wien (Ph.D.)
    Topic: "Auditable Semantic Web Machine Learning Systems"
  • Sulthoni Asshidiqi, ITB (Indonesia) (Ph.D.)
    Topic: "Ontology-Based Statistical Data Integration"
  • Majlinda Llugiqi, WU Vienna (Ph.D.)
    Topic: "Knowledge Graph Infusion on Neural-Network"
  • Katrin Schreiberhuber, WU Vienna (Ph.D.)
    Topic: "Explainable Cyber Physical Systems with Neuro-Symbolic AI"
  • Bernhard Kollmann, WU Vienna (M.Sc.)
    Topic: "Towards a Workflow-based AI System Documentation"
  • Elisabeth Harlander, TU Wien (M.Sc.)
    Topic: "The Influence of Knowledge Graph characteristics on Graph Embedding algorithms"
  • Nico Zandomenaghi, WU Vienna (B.Sc.)
    Topic: "A Survey on Open Football Datasets and Their Utilisations"
  • Ardit Bacaj, WU Vienna (B.Sc.)
    Topic: "Structured Approach for Building a Football Ontology"
  • Noel Baldauf, WU Vienna (B.Sc.)
    Topic: "An Analysis on the Landscape of Semantic Web tools"

Graduated Students

  • Christoph Doppelhammer, TU Wien (M.Sc., 2022)
    Topic: "Data Quality Assessment in large Enterprises: A Practical Evaluation"
  • Matthias Deimel, TU Wien (M.Sc., 2022)
    Topic: "Causality modeling and acquisition for explainable Cyber-physical Systems"
  • Gregor K√§fer, TU Wien (B.Sc., 2024)
    Topic: "Capturing and Querying Provenance Traces Towards Auditable Information Systems"
  • Matthias Hofbauer, WU Vienna (B.Sc., 2024)
    Topic: "Analysing the Extent of Model Documentation in Top Online Repositories: A Comparative Investigation"
  • Patricia Haumer, WU Vienna (B.Sc., 2023)
    Topic: "Exploring the Characteristics of Data in Semantic Web Machine Learning Systems"
  • Hanna Raissya, UI, Indonesia (B.Sc., 2021)
    Topic: "VizKG: A Framework for Visualizing SPARQL Query Results over Knowledge Graphs"
  • Emil Gruber, TU Wien (BSc., 2019)
    Topic: "Data Sources in Cyber-Physical-Social Systems - a Case Study for Vienna"