SWeMLS Resources

Type: Ontology, Dataset and Software

Description: We leverage the results of a large-scale systematic mapping study collecting information about 470 SWeMLS papers and formalize these into one resource containing: (i) the SWeMLS ontology, (ii) the SWeMLS pattern library containing machine-actionable descriptions of 45 frequently occurring SWeMLS workflows, and (iii) SWEMLS-KG, a knowledge graph including machine-actionable metadata of the papers in terms of the SWeMLS ontology.

Development Years: 2023–…


Type: Software

Description: SHACL4P is a plugin for defining and validating Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL), the de-facto W3C standard for constraint validation within Protégé ontology editor. It is the first plugin that allows SHACL structural constraint definitions and validations within open-source ontology editors.

Development Years: 2016–…


Type: Software

Description: SLOGERT is a framework for automated Knowledge Graph (KG) construction from unstructured, heterogeneous, and (potentially) fragmented log sources. The resulting KGs enable analysts to navigate and query an integrated, enriched view of the events and thereby facilitates a novel approach for log analysis.

Development Years: 2020–2021


Type: Software

Description: SHACLARE facilitates finding non-compliances with declarative process constraints through semantic technologies. The SHACLare approach utilises a set of semantic technologies, including SHACL on event logs to check their compliance withDECLARE constraints (e.g., as a result of process mining executions).

Development Years: 2018–2019