Scientific Activities

Invited Talks

17.06.2022Title: “Knowledge Graph and Its Applications in Research and Industry
Venue: The TechnoArt International Seminar, UBM, Indonesia.
Role: Keynote Speaker.
18.03.2022Title: “Consent Management for Personal Data Processing
Venue: The FAIR for Sensitive Data Workshop, SBA-Research, Austria.
Role: Guest Speaker.
09.03.2022Title: “From Controlled Vocabularies to Ontologies
Venue: The Center of Research Data Management, TU Wien, Austria.
Role: Guest Speaker.
01.12.2021Title: “Data Privacy Vocabulary on the WellFort Platform”
Venue: The Data Privacy Vocabulary Working Group meeting (Online).
Role: Guest Speaker.
16.11.2021Title: “RDF Graph Population with RML”
Venue: The DPKM internal workshop, WU Wien, Austria.
Role: Guest Speaker.

Research Visits

Sept 2022Research Visit to the Teaching Factory of UTeM Malaysia
as part of the OeAD-funded DT4DF project.

Community Involvements

Committee (PC)
ISWC 2016–2022;
ESWC 2021–2022;
SEMANTiCS 2017–2022;
ICSC 2020–2022;
ICoDSE 2018–2022;
ECAI 2020;
BigScholar Workshop 2015–2016.
Committee (OC)
EKAW 2022 – Proceedings Chair;
CONFENIS 2018 – Proceedings Chair;
SOFSEM 2018 – Proceedings Chair;
ISWC 2017 – Local Organization Committee.
OthersOeAD 2021 – Research Project Evaluator;
EOSC Semantic Interoperability Task Force Since 2022 – Member;
RDA Data Management Plan-Common-Standard Since 2020 – Member;
W3C-Data Privacy Vocabulary Community Group Since 2018 – Member;