Curriculum Vitae

Short Bio

Fajar Juang Ekaputra is a PhD student and junior researcher at TU Wien. His research topic focuses on Semantic Web Technologies for data integration and knowledge change management in the context of multidisciplinary environment settings. During his time in TU Wien, he took part in implementing both practical and research use cases for industry partners in several domains. Concretely, he was involved in developing analytic and management tools for AutomationML models and building a common concept ontology for a Hydro Power Plant production system as part of the CDL-Flex project in the Automation System Engineering domain. He was recently leading the development of the STAR project prototype, where he designed and integrated semantic search capabilities for software architectural knowledge in a large organization. He co-authored 4 book chapters and more than 15 papers in refereed venues out of which 2 won best paper awards. One of his recent publication in the area of knowledge change management was selected as one of best paper nominations. He is actively involved in research communities as a scientific reviewer for several international conferences and workshops, e.g., ISWC, IFAC and BigScholar.


Dr.Techn. (Ongoing)

Informatics – Semantic Web, Data Integration, Knowledge Change Management

2012 – 2017 (expected)

Ph.D. Thesis: (Working Title) Semantic Web Technologies for Data Integration and Knowledge Change Management in Multidisciplinary Environments.

Master of Technology

Digital Media & Game Technology – Human Computer Interaction

2008 – 2010

Master Thesis: A Novel Approach for Robosoccer Agent Management and Training System

Bachelor of Technology

Informatics – Database, Web Service

2003 – 2008

Bachelor Thesis: Information Exchange within Knowledge Base Network using Web Service



Linked Data Lab, TU Vienna

Junior Researcher


Research and Development of Linked Data and Semantic Web Technologies. He is currently working on exploring application domains for Linked Widget Platform.

CDL-Flex, TU Vienna

PhD Candidate, Project Assistant


Research and Development of Semantic Representation and Integration within CDL-Flex, focusing on Knowledge Change Management of Semantic Data

Institut Teknologi Bandung

Research Assistant


Research works and lectures within “Data and Software Engineering” and “Computer Engineering” Research Group, School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics.

Sangkuriang Internasional



Various programming, analysis and project management tasks. Coding in C++, Java, PHP and Objective-C


Junior Web Programmer


Simple Web Programming. Develop parts of company web framework.


Technical Skills

Java SE Environment

Apache Maven; (a little) OSGi; Java SE 7,8

Semantic Web Tools

Apache Jena Family (TDB, ARQ, Core); PoolParty Thesaurus Manager; Virtuoso, Sesame Server; Protege Family (3.x, 4.x, 5.x, Protege Plugin Development)


C++, PHP, Objective-C, Ecore/Eclipse Modeling