Semantic Container Demo Paper @ SEMANTiCS 2019!

Hi Again! Happy to announce that our demo paper entitled “Semantic Containers for Data Mobility: A Seismic Activity Use Case“, together with Peb, Elmar, Christoph, and Edi is now accepted as a demo paper at SEMANTiCS 2019. This is the result of the SEMCON project, funded by FFG.

All material from the SEMCON Project, including those listed in the paper, is available on SEMCON’s GitHub page. Please take a look over there if you’re interested in the technical details!

We expect that the demo would be a basis for further collaboration in using/extending/applying SEMCON approach for verifiable data exchange between users! Looking forward to discuss SEMCON with you at SEMANTiCS 2019 in Karlsruhe!


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The SEPSES knowledge graph is accepted as ISWC Resource Paper!

Happy to announce that our paper entitled “The SEPSES knowledge graph: An integrated resource for cybersecurity” is now accepted as ISWC Resource paper! This is actually my first ISWC paper, so I rejoice it very much! 😉

After the last year’s acceptance of our ESWC paper (together with Marta and others from the STAR project), I am very much looking forward to having a taste of getting an ISWC paper. Luckily, with the SEPSES project team (Elmar, Andreas, and Kabul), I am getting there!

Access to all resources from this paper is available on the SEPSES website – please contact us for potential collaborations!

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SHACLARE accepted as CAiSE Forum Paper!

While we aim for the main track, we are happy to announce that our paper entitled “Finding Non-compliances with Declarative Process Constraints Through Semantic Technologies” is accepted as CAiSE Forum paper!

We published the resource for constraint checks on Process Mining rules (which we called SHACLARE – SHACL for declARE rules) here. Hopefully, it will lead to a lot more publications in the future, 😉


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